Hallowe’en Round Up: Best Barfing Pumpkins Part 1

chuck October 18, 2012 0

Hallowe’en is just around the corner and so I thought I’d take a break from the usual fare to have a look at the status of the barfing pumpkin phenomenon. Let’s see what’s out there, what’s up and coming as it were. Once you filter out the errant picture of The Smashing Pumpkins that googling “barfing pumpkins’ turns up, this sort of thing is pretty easy.


Jack-O-Lantern Talks on Big White Phone

I like this one’s distressed expression and proper placement for hurling into the toilet. It comes from an excellent gallery of 25 Puking Pumpkins at holytaco.com. If you’re going to check out the rest of them at holytaco, be forewarned that it seems to be kind of a Maxim for lunkheads type of site with a lot of stuff about who has the hottest breasts on TV and all that (no men on this list surprisingly – how sexist is that?), so if you’re thinking of surfing with the kids, is all I’m saying …


 Anguished Gourd Spills Seed

This one comes to us courtesy of user Jiyae at deviantart.com. This design for the eyes seems to be oft-used in the barfing pumpkin world and it’s not hard to see why – it’s simple and highly effective at conveying squinty anguish. One can virtually feel the clenching of the pumpkin viscera.


Orange Friends Look On With Concern

I found this one at dailyfunfeed.com, so who knows where it’s from. I particularly like the storytelling here. The topmost pumpkin is clearly feeling a mixture of concern, prissy disapproval and surprise at its friend’s seedy outburst. Meanwhile the pumpkin on the middle step is rather drunkenly thinking, “There but for the grace of the pumpkin god go I,” clearly having been in this situation him- or herself. And look at that – they’re drinking Moosehead Beer. These upchucking gourds are Canucks!


And the award for physiological realism goes to …

Courtesy of offbeatearth.com, this one gets full marks for the snot dribbling out of the nostril. Come to think of it, this one should get special mention for even having nostrils. If you look closely you’ll see that the carver has not only added ears, but has also gone to the trouble of putting in earrings.


Wobbly Gourdian Tippler Rues Surfeit of JD

This likeable looking fellow can be found at yummies4tummies.com. The sympathetic carving actually makes us feel sorry for this pumpkin rather than simply grossed out. The inclusion of liquor bottles invariably leads one to ask, “How do these pumpkins manage to feed themselves booze anyway, lacking arms or limbs of any kind. It must be dastardly humans doing this to them. After all, we do savagely cut them up with knives. By comparison we’re doing them a good turn by giving them too much liquor.

And that’s for barfing pumpkins until next week’s continuation of this series, which takes only marginally less time that constructing a whole new blog post of original material.

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