Hallowe’en round-up: Best barfing pumpkins part 2

chuck October 25, 2012 2

Here’s something I’m learning – a lot of the types of sites that curate galleries of barfing pumpkins are really kind of weird – gun freaks, “hotties of the day,” sophomoric scatalogical humour and so forth.

Hm – is this why I’m having such a hard time finding an agent to represent the book?

I know, I know – I could just steal the images and not acknowledge the source at all, but that sort of goes counter to everything that I hope barfology is about, even if the source sites have just stolen them from somewhere else.

Oh well, here are pumpkins from all the sites I’m “click-through comfortable” with.


Form meets function

Full marks to this contributor at halloweenforum.com for this thoroughly unappetizing idea for presenting appetizers (alright really crudités, but you take the wordplay where you can get it.) Seems like it would be particularly effective with guacamole, cottage cheese and perhaps even a large glob of Cheeze Whiz.

Sad Canuck over-extends himself

As well as all things barf, I have a sideline writing books about Canadian history and cultcha and all that, so I was pleased to see some homegrown beer in this picture, courtesy of cherrybombed.com. Upon closer examination, the hat worn by the pumpkin appears to bear the legend “Gatineau, QC,” so another shot in the arm for Tourism Canada, though this may not exactly be the sort of image they wish to project. But who am I to say?


The dangers of two-fisting It

So intent on his or her tippling was this pumpkin, that s/he has made it to the big white bus with a beer bottle in each hand! Now that’s dedication. When this pumpkin says “Waste not, want not,” s/he means it, although a more apt homily might be, “Wasted, not wanted.” I culled this one from holytaco.com, as it I did one of the images in last week’s post. Again, if, for some ill-advised reason, you decided to blindly click through in the presence of a child or polite adult, the rest of the site possesses a preponderance of FHM-esque loutishness.


Did someone say guacamole?

Well yes, I did say guacamole, just a couple of pictures ago. Thanks, backinsideak (somebody’s blog), for proving correct my supposition that guacamole makes good pumpkin barf. I have no idea what the grey stuff to the left is. Humus, I’m guessing.


And finally …

If you’re feeling impatient, you can skip to 1:15 or 1:50, but otherwise, stick around for the awesome science lesson.


  1. Chris Hagen October 26, 2012 at 8:37 pm - Reply

    LOVE the oozing pumpkin!!!! If we can get our hands on some of that potassium whatever-he-said, we are SO doing this~! Or at least, we will show the boys the video. Excellent post!

  2. chuck October 26, 2012 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    Glad you liked it. I think that … stuff is readily available, though I’m not sure where. Maybe somewhere as simple as a pharmacy, though you might have to ask for it.

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