Vomiting Larry the Barfing Robot

chuck January 9, 2013 0

In a bid to better understand how the novovirus spreads so quickly and tenaciously, British researchers at the Health and Safety Laboratory’s Occupational Hygiene Unit have created the spewing automaton you see above. “Vomiting Larry,”as they call him, hurls forth a solution of water and dye that fluoresces under UV light.

Larry’s inventor, Catherine Makison-Booth says that Larry has shown that particles of potentially infectious vomitus can be flung up to three metres from Larry’s mouth. This means that, aside from the big pile of smelly upchuck, there are many tiny and invisible particles sitting around the area that could turn you into a living Larry if you’re unlucky enough to come into contact with them.

I can’t help but wonder how C3PO would cope with this sort of thing. Not well, one suspects.

With files from ABC. Vomiting Robot Helps Researches Understand Novovirus

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