barfology.com is a blog all about throwing up. An uncomfortable act that we’re all acquainted with, vomiting can be, by turns, terrifying, embarrassing, really gross and at the same time, an immense relief as well as an object of reluctant fascination.

At barfology.com you’ll find a mixture of articles, videos and and occasional silliness that sheds light on why we throw up, how we throw up and the latest science in helping us not to throw-up. You’ll also find a fair bit of opinion about what we think about throwing up, ranging from ancient Greeks to 21st century bloggers.

As the content grows, this site may be useful to parents, teachers and educators who want to talk about this often uncomfortable topic with children, or for that matter, squeamish adults. At the very least, if you come back from time to time, we can promise you a stream of fresh content that entertains, informs and, believe it or not, does its best to steer away from simply being gross.


(And hey … try to keep it down).