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If you’re a literary agent or a publisher and think that the writing you enjoy at would make a good book, I happen to agree with you. I have written several non-fiction books, but not as Chuck Upperly. If you are interested in finding out more, below is a 1-page synopsis of the volume I propose to call Burping Rainbows. Some of the chapters are currently being serialized as blog entries under the “Science & Medicine” category.

Book Proposal (Traditional or E-Pub)

Burping Rainbows is an irreverent and informative take on how we feel about regurgitation and vomiting. It mixes science, sociology and narrative non-fiction. A healthy dash of pop culture makes for easy digestion.  It is the first book-length overview of this juicy subject. Additional author-created material (videos, graphical content) also gives Burping Rainbows the potential to be a richly expanded E-reading experience.

Burping Rainbows takes readers on a journey down the gullet and back again in 15–20 subject-specific chapters. We start by exploring that uneasy feeling that most of us have experienced ­– motion sickness. From there, it’s a scientific and cultural survey of upheaval in all its forms. What can the Bible and Shakespeare tell us about vomit as a literary metaphor?  What are the latest thoughts on why morning sickness is good for the baby, if not for the mother? Are Deaf people really less susceptible to motion sickness?  What actually happens when we throw up? It seems simple and primal, but is really a surprisingly complex process. Are there actually people who are sexually aroused by throwing up? What do vomit scenes in gross-out movies tell us about the audiences who watch them? Has vomiting from too much drink become a narrative tool for new coming of age rituals? Did the Romans really have special rooms called vomitoriums?

These questions and others are answered in part by research, but also by interviews with medical doctors, psychologists, sociologists, literary scholars and even art historians. With a liberal dose of humour (tempered where necessary with sober reporting) Burping Rainbows does not set out to prove that regurgitation has fundamentally changed the world in some subtle, hitherto unnoticed way. Rather, it seeks to set tongues wagging around water coolers and in social gatherings. After all, stomach-churning maladies aren’t the only things that can spread virally …

If you’re interested or think you may be able to help,  I have a full outline with expanded chapter descriptions.

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DISCLAIMER: This website and the proposed publishing project are in no way affiliated with the short volume entitled, Chunks: A Barfology, by Elissa Stein and Kevin Leslie, although it is an excellent and funny work that recounts various harrowing tales about throwing up and touches on slang expressions.